Saturday, March 19, 2016

January Recap

This morning I woke up and the lethargy struck. Perhaps it's the one of the symptoms of ageing, it really hits me so badly since two weeks ago.

We knew it's gonna be a really bad two weeks with busy work schedule or uni works. Took a little breather in between and I am always grateful for those nice meals that I was still able to have despite of the crazy schedule (always make time for food yes yes).

Now we are almost at the end of March, marching into week 4 of uni. If you asked me what have I done in uni so far, I couldn't answer properly cuz I doesn't have a clear mind about what i am doing now. It is just... following the schedule on Gantt Chart.  All i gotta do is keep going cuz i don't have spare time to waste.  I gotta say I love it, I love to be busy loving my life.

I miss Malaysia a lot, it has been two months since I got back but yes, I haven't been missing Malaysia so much ever since I left 6 years ago. yet another normal trip back to Malaysia but probably one of the best and memorable one.


The gears that I brought all the way back to Malaysia and Taiwan.

My trip back to Malaysia took 37 hours, not even kidding, flight was delayed for 8 hours and with all the transit hours, it took me freaking 37 hours to get to my lovely bed in Miri. I felt so silly walking dead at KLIA hoping I can teleport myself back to Miri while I was waiting for the last flight.
It was definitely a bitter sweet beginning of my trip, but thanks to everyone out there who kept me company during midnight hours while I was so paranoid/terrified/speechless in Sydney - Oh, the flight delay, the blackout and the sleepless night before 9 hours flight.

I didnt have a copy of the photos i took during that two days before I flew to Taiwan. Silly me had my phone at the back pocket of my pants and it must be gravity that pulled it into the toilet bowl while I turned to close toilet door.  Oh that must be a perfect turn.

My friends thought it was a prank when I informed them to contact me through Facebook. With no exception they laughed it off and said 'oh please Clarie it's not April yet'.


So that was before the flight to Taiwan, I was using ASUS phone throughout the whole trip.  Good camera quality i gotta say :)


My favourite photo of xxxxxth that I took
We didnt get to the deck cuz it was slippery due to weather condition :(
Next time, next time i am gonna conquer you.


Play around with shadows when you can't get rid of them.


Very authentic Taiwanese breakfast, I like the huge rice ball!  The queue was crazy, it took us 30 minutes to get our food.


A very chilly day at the university, it was a sunny windy day, it was the day that I caught a cold.


The best selfie ever. Natural enough.


This marks the end of our Taiwan trip, taken in KaohSiung.
Hey, it was election day when we were there :P

We stopped by KK for 2 days. The plan was to enjoy the seafood but we were too exhausted from the 10 days trip in Taiwan! We ended up having a bucket of KFC. hurhur no regrets.


First meet up with friends, 11 years of friendship and still counting.
They were complaining about me cuz I kept asking for western food and coffee when I was in Miri.  Aiya, I'm sorry.

Few days later I went to Kuala Lumpur (secretly), went cafe hopping (of course) but got so disappointed that we did not even want to continue to hop. And that makes us miss Aussie coffee, those 'sok-k' days.


Old friends are gold. It was a really quick 60 minutes meet up! Thank you for making it all the way to meet me up for a quick catch up, I really miss those stupid old times in secondary school. Someone's still being sarcastic as always, never changed, but that's what he is meant to be (take this as a compliment if you're reading this! :P)


People that know me know that I am really afraid of dogs due to some childhood accidents.  
The day I had to leave KL, I had to make friend with these cute little dogs cuz my friend was having a hard time sleeping (hangover). I love dogs since then. :D


Shabbies they are   
(It's okay if you don't get it, it's an inside joke)


My first bowl of kampua that I finished all by my own! ah the fat char Siew was so goooood.

So I went to KL for the second time, it was so spontaneous cuz i bought the ticket 18 hours before i left. So little time yet so many to pack. It was a sleepless night but it was worth it! Also, it was supposed to be a surprise to people but it turned out to be not that surprising at all. But we did have some great times before I came back, that is all it counts.  Thanks to people who drove me back and forth from the airport and around KL (if you guys are reading this!); I am truly truly blessed with all of you who stuffed me with all those good food and sleepless nights..

3 weeks in Malaysia, not long, but it is indeed a turning point in my life; It was the month that I was open to change and embrace the changes; great time well spent with awesome friends and family relatives, that I learnt to let go of what I can't control and just go with the flow; I started emotionally but ended up with amazing experiences that God has put me through; trying out new things with new people, slowing getting a hold of what I really want and thanks to people who make me realise: to get what you deserve you gotta let go what is holding you back.

To conclude, January is the month of discovery and the month that I start shifting my focus and making new priorities. 


Thanks people for journeying with me through a crazy month! It could not be better without the presence of all of you!
See you guys in 4 months!

Love, Clare

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Melbourne 2014

DSC02387 Yes, there's no typo there. It's two-o-fourteen.
  DSC02524There. My first Melbourne trip.  It was a weekend getaway trip, mainly to meet JJLin at his concert rather than travelling around.  Three days in Melbourne, long enough for me to fall in love with Melbourne ever since.
  DSC02198 Beyond Infinity
    DSC02360 Where all the dreams gather..

The first meal that we had at Melbourne, yummylicious.


It's perfectly acceptable to have dessert before dinner.
@ Lindt Cafe

DSC02382 DSC_0287 DSC_0282
Brighton Beach, hah, we spent at least 2 hours here.

How to exercise (sweat it out) at Melbourne during winter.
The jump shot is always the challenging and mandatory ones.

There's always something special about laneways, and that's one of the reason I love Melbourne.

DSC02433 DSC02435 DSC_0591
Midnight walk along the river, before we had the amazing cheesy fries.
No photos, cuz we're too hungry.

and we lost it all today / tell me honestly / would you still love me the same?

DSC_0602The only cafe that we went, Hardware Societe, long queue as always.



Melbourne, till the day we meet again.

p/s I started drafting this post since May 2014 HAHAHAHA, nothing special, though it took me more than one year to get it posted. In fact, I had my second Melbourne trip during winter break this year.  And I'll try my best not to draft it as long as I took for this one. ;p

Monday, October 26, 2015

Come what may and love it

hah, I've been MIA again.  This semester wasn't as busy as last semester, but I'm mentally tired.  I guessed everyone is.  Finals are in 2 weeks time.  Am I ready for exams? Heck nah.

That calmness when you press the shutter.  That's the beauty of photography.
Constantly chasing for lights, seeking for colours.

Weather is just nice to walk around and snap.  Spring has finally sprung!  But it's getting hotter :(

Come what may and love it. 

I'm uncertain about future. It's unpredictable.
Keep praying, I have faith in you Lord.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2014 - B for brunch, C for coffee, D for dates and E for eat!

hola hola, I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!

I'm finally back here at my little space, I (finally) feel compelled to blog tonight.

It's quite unimaginable to me that 2014 is over and we are now in the second month of twenty-fifteen! One of the new year's resolutions (#bullsh*t) is stop being lazy, so here I am, updating my life in 2014.

Key events were those brunch and coffee dates, so let's start with those.
B for brunch, C for coffee, D for dates and E for eat!
Happiness aplenty: fuss-free, good service, great food with organic ingredients. Who says 'grass' can't be good - high fives for salad.

2014 Brunch and Coffee
    When in Malaysia, going out for typical Malaysian breakfast like char kueh tiaw is too mainstream.
So we went on a discovery trip for 'Australian mocha'. 
The meal and coffee made us miss Aussie brunch even more. ><"

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Little duckling deserves a photo. There, along with my 'fat' white.
Long afternoon well-spent, working on church fellowship video.

Located at the heart of Paddington where I normally brunch, Kettle & Tin calls for really wonderful photo opportunity :P
Thanks to the colourful elements, adding a dash of tangy excitement to our meals.
@Kettle & Tin, Paddington.

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Introducing the best coffee on campus: Genies!
Hiding in the shadows of Bioscience Precinct Building, it's Our usual meet-up spot where memories were built.  
Every uni day should be like this, great company, good coffee and quick catch ups after hectic lectures/tutorials/pracs.

2014 Brunch and Coffee
Great discovery along the Burnett Lane at the city.  a hidden gem.
Felix, a health conscious cafe, so no guilt to indulge!

2014 Brunch and Coffee
What time is it!!!!!!! It's breakfast thymeeeeeeeeee!
Cheddar & thyme scones from Felix, again :P

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Spent some time alone before meet-up with friend after lecture.
Daily fix of caffeine at Felix.  Yeh yeh, it has made into my list of favourite brunch/coffee spots.

2014 Brunch and Coffee
Friends didn't like it due to the healthiness of organic food. hahaha!
Beetroot pearl cous cous salad was the boom!
@Raw Paw Paw, New Farm.

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Found a spot which was opened during public hols.
Great catch-up with friends who work and appreciate public holidays, so here we went!
Itching for something sweet, so I had the homemade granola topped with greek yoghurt.
@ Chester Street, Newstead. 
2014 Brunch and Coffee
Then, bunker coffee along Brisbane River. 
Never a fan of chocolate milk, but i've been raving non stop for their 70% dark chocolate milk.

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
This happened after a Saturday groceries-shopping date,  :p
Sweet potato fries were shooooogood. Not a huge fan of chips in particular but if I had a choice, sweet potato chips that is!
@Bare Bones Society, Jindalee
2014 Brunch and Coffee
Oh yes, food after our food exams!
Despite lack of sleep, I still enjoyed my food. I always do bahaha
Couldn't really remember what I ate, everything's good in a nutshell.
@ Shouk Cafe, Paddington

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Food was mediocre to me, but nothing can spoil good company.
Great catchup with a long-lost 'bojio' friend.
@Scout Cafe, Petrie Terrace

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Rainy day (Yes, i still rmba!)
Brunch, no, lunch @ Little Paw Paw, Kenmore.
Was craving for the sweet potato fries but we didn't get that.
So..... definitely a perfect potato-time destination in future ;P

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Brunch in pjs? Tried doing it with friends after sleepover. 
Fresh avocados - they're so green! 
and spot those edible rose

2014 Brunch and Coffee 
Heat wave in December, couldn't bear with anything hot anymore, so opted for yoghurt and granola.
Something fancy on the side: lamb kebab with lotsa elements.

So.. That's all for 2014.

On the other note, one of the 2015 resolutions is - continue stuffing myself silly with brunches and coffee!  hehe, I've already listed them down. It's like a wishlist, and I assure myself that I'll successfully-wonderfully-awesomely make this resolution realistick

Last but not least, F comes after E :(
F, for fat.